Branding Your Condo Development For Maximum Sales

When developing a condo, you may think, what’s in a name? Well, depending on what you’re naming, it can make a huge impact. For example, when you are naming a child, it can take months to think of a name, but when the name is decided, it lats for a lifetime.

Similarly, when a builder is creating a development, they view it as their child – a project that they have been working on years to plan and make it come to existence. Condo development name, however, requires you to have a high level of understanding of marketing and selling your project to customers, of which the larger part is selling on the name of the project and its brand that you are backing.


When development begins, a company usually considers the address, the history of the area where the development is taking place, the marketing strategy they have in mind, and the materials they will be used for construction.


Some builders even choose branding companies to help in naming and branding their condo development to maximize their sales. While you are comparing design crowd vs 99designs for your next condo development, here are some of the naming trends that can help you.

The Location Matters A Lot


If you look around your area, you’ll figure out that many developments around have derived their names from the addresses their based in. In fact, many of the widely known condos in the U.S were all named after the locations they were developed in.


And this trend hasn’t changed in 2019. Companies still widely choose a name for their condo development based on the address. For example, let’s look at the example of ‘The Rideau’. The name was chosen to pay homage to the Rideau Canal which is a UNESCO world heritage designated site. The name is so powerful that it instantly invokes refined interests – it also represents the tower that naturally boasts canal frontage, offering recreation through all the seasons.


With that in mind, who wouldn’t think of naming their condo based on its location? It is after all the kind of naming convention that has legitimized the condo lifestyle in the U.S by reminding purchasers that they will be moving to an address and a community.

The Heritage Is Also Taken Into Consideration


While location matters a lot when deciding a name, in recent trends, companies have also adopted names that are difficult to trace to their origins. For example, let’s look at the ‘Domicile’s The Kavanaugh’. It was named after a family that ran a gas station on the very site for many decades, and they were loved by everyone. The development’s name is basically a throwback.


Similarly, the Cathedral Hill was named after the Christ Church Cathedral from where the windmill purchased its leasehold of the project. The name basically pays tribute to their partnership with the church, making everyone realize that it is an important site.


The Name Is Sometimes An Expression Of Quality


It should come as no surprise that many condo developments derive their names to express the quality of the condo. Let’s have a look at Opus by Ashcroft Homes. Just by the name, you can tell that this condo focuses on the quality of living rather than quantity.


Similarly, you can take a look at ‘The Icon’ a project developed by Claridge Homes. It instantly reminds us that condos are becoming well known everywhere and a name like this makes it a landmark than just a simple construction. With development names derived to express quality,  the advertisement is literally built in the name. So it isn’t so hard to see why this kind of naming is an attractive way for many.


The Name Has A Unique Appeal


For potential buyers, named developments have a certain appeal over other developments, even those that have very high-end amenities available just because it is branded that way.


Brands that are associated with high luxury hotels do especially well for their name which is already globally recognized and speaks of their reputation for high-quality living standards as well as the fact that these type of housing stocks will remain rare.




By choosing a name for your condo-development, you are basically making it much more appealing for the buyer. Whenever there is a brand behind a condo, they are invested in all the time and are never standing still. Furthermore, it makes it easier for investors to rent out their apartments when there is a brand name attached.